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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
`.+ fann ahh +.`

hais.duNno wadd he thinkin.. i wholee daee neber c0rr him le tiLl just n0w whennn i reachh h0me..denn tokk less den 10 minss lorhs.. suann le ba >.<~ like wadd his away msg is.. we r driftin apart.. wadd shldd i do? i realli dunNo.. =( it's mOii faultt but i as0oo duNno y i treatt lidatt.. daess with0utt moii hp..hais.. ke lian lor.. wan find peopleee asoo hard.. mdmm cheahh refusedd to returnn me moii sim card aso.. f0rgett it.. i wanna finddd a jobb ~~~!! sians ah.. no moodd to updatee le..buAiis.. i miss w0 de ha00 jiemeii..

Posted at 24.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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Monday, February 23, 2004
`.+[[ jialatt ]]+.`

Omgg~!! t0daee tiredd nEhhss.. denn aTT klAss do friendshIp bAndd loRhss... c0s mEe vEhhiEe KIndd onEe..muh4hahaha.. i do fRiendship bAnd for chARity.. kAiLin,sErenE,charlotte andd layy pEngg as0oo gott do .. =d~ denn aLL aSkk me h0ww to do the friendship bAnd..Lols..c0s got threE diffEreNt one mAhs.. i dEnn di sia0 siao..saee u bAi wo wEI shi i dEn teach.. cHi0 ka pEngg!! sianss ah.. dEnn lAst two pEriod is CME.. wAh lia0s.. cann fainTt.. (-_-") c0ss veryy the boRinnnn lorHhhsss... beLl Ringg lia0s.. dEn i,cindy chErLle and siEwkEe runn oUtt of clAssRooMmm.. dEnn 0urr klAss teLL uss datt wE g0inn to stay backk on mOn.. tmdd.. sway mAnn..!! sux onEe lorhs..dey aLl aso nEber coR us bAck..kNSs!! f0rgett itt larhss.. suCkinn sCh iss alwAYss lidAtt de.. hurhuRss simplyy b0 moodd at all.. hais..dunno yy keep quarrEll wiff him over small thing.. fuck man.. =( den the html for blog.. i as0 dunno add and remove wad thing..until all n0w in a mess.. kNn..

Posted at 23.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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Sunday, February 22, 2004
`.+[[ we3ee ]]+.`

hMmm...t0daee iRc wholee dae..untiLl m0ii coMm hAng..dEn f0rgett it.. i ofF it lia0s..duN wAn opEn le..hUrhuRs.. dEn sLp tiLl 6++ . after dat g0 heaRtlAnd wiF Moi mama,pApa and mEimEi eAtt kFcc!! *yuMmii* denn i tOld mArmii i wAnn piErce eaR hole..h0hoho.. shE nebEr objEct w0rss..hAHa.. findd one dae..i wAn go piErce.. =D~ dENn shee bUyy onEe nEww sh0ess for mie..the heEls nort vehhiee hiGh lo..buT quitee nic3e.. hais. soRry deaR.. mieee theseee feww daess n0rtt feellin g0odd.. *s0bs* i as0 duNnoo y..dui bu Qi. Hope uUuu wuNn be angryy*mUacks*

Posted at 22.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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Saturday, February 21, 2004
`.+[[ sadsad ]]+.`

these f3www daess ..damnn faRkiinnn badd dae.. ha|ss. ='[ t0dae as0 m0od swing at nite.. dunn wishh to cuMmm h0mee so earli.. sadd.. updatee tmll ba..

Posted at 21.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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Friday, February 20, 2004
`.+[[ damnn sway ]]+.`

wahh lia0s.. t0daee suchhh a badd dae..idi0rttt!! mi3ee cann0rtt takee backk hp untiL the endd of the yearr..ha|ss... faRkkk lorhh.. g0 out n0 hP use.. suxx laRhs.. =( d3nn todaee at klass tak3 back bi0l0gy paperr..oMggg.. i fluNk untiL vehiee jialatt ler.. 3/10. tmdd!! wTff man!! -.-" d3nn t0daee still g0tt CIP.. g0 dat h0mee again..but tis timee is we g0oo outselfff de n0rhss..s0 waitt for mie mama cum schh.. dunn0 wad mdm cheahh and moi m0therr tokk wad larhs..den b0th agreee dunn lett me take back hp.. sadd lorhs.. sians 1/2. d3nn at the h0mee dere.. cindyy larhs.. wu guii de.. carry miee on her backk..den she makee me fall d0wn.. i injuree my kneecap. denn whilee waitin for the ppL dere to giB instructi0ns..i standd onee side..suddenli onee small boi fall down.. c0s he rockk the chair..omgg!! just behind me.. scaredd me lorhs..i  sh0utedd loudlyy andd jump up.. -.-" wah lia0s..damnn "xia si ren"After datt..kailIn cumm sit on my lapp as i sittin on cindy lap.. ~>.<~. denn i go squeeze her *****.. oPpss.. denn cindyy wan attackk me backk butt i use m0iii handd to defend..in the end,moiii handd kanna.. her fingers pokee in moi hand.. den bleed.. aren'ttt it badd enuff for me? n0 hp to take back.. hand and leg injure.. alth0ugh it's a small cut..but damnn pain.. *sobzs0bs* f0rgett it.. r3alli n0 mooodd le.. ha|sss

Posted at 20.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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Thursday, February 19, 2004
`.+[[ s|ans..tirEdd ]]+.`

aWwww.. t0daEe sChh dAMnn siAns l0rhs.. c0s eaRli moRnin pAPa kPkb ab0ut mi3 hp lAh.. dEn reaLLi b0 mOod la lArhs.. fuCk onE lorhs.. aLth0uGh i damNn angRy + duLan wif yEe piN.. but iN thE end,i as0 suAn le..f0rgetT it.. -.-" miEe angRy aas00oo angRyy aWhilLee niA loRhs.. dEn mama ANd pAPa n0e mOi hP At tEacher deRe lia0s loh.. mAmA nebEr saE anitHin la.. maybE shE thInk i'M oLd enuff le. dEn duRin Cpa, i tuEs pOn sCh mAHs.. dEN nEber g0 for thE 'N' levEl PracticaL(cpa) ..mR ten aSk i g0t mC anot..i g0ng g0ng go saE got.. tmd!! oMmgg..i duNNo how to telL hiM i duN hAb mC.. jiAlat.. >.<~~ vEhhiEe tiRed t0dae laRhs.. as0 duNo y .. n0waddeAss kEep eAt eAT eAt..zz zz zz.. bth lEr..gRowin fAttEr n fattEr lia0s lEr.. *s0bs*s0bs*


Posted at 19.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
`.+[[ kan du|ans larhs ]]+.`

fuCk laRhs..t0daEe suCh a fuCKin daE..nAbEi`z cHeebYe.. ha|s..fArkin YEE PIN.. kNn! i wuN f0rget diS dae.. tmd..sab0tagE mie.. n0w n0 more hP use lia0s.. hapPi lia0s an0Rtt?? kNn ha|s..n0 mooD foR anithIn larhs.. g0 out wiF chErLle and siEwkEe lia0s..g0 hEerEn takE aloT oF piC wiF chErLle loRhs.. 8++ lidAt reAch h0me...dEn stiLl sad 0ver mUa hp..='[ aftEr a while,go kOon lia0s loRhs..

Posted at 18.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
`.+[[ wawa ]]+.`

*miss la0gong lotslots.. mUacks*

Posted at 17.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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Monday, February 16, 2004
`.+[[ ha|s ]]+.`

t0dae earli moRni simply n0 mOod fer sChOol At aLL.. sUxx mAns.. =(  eyEs as0 quiTe pAin pAin woR.. miSs la0gonG loTslots.. *mUackss* t0daE sCh As usUal.. juSt dAt i g0t sLp foR suMtimE lorhs.. dEn untiL receSs ovEr.. whoLe klAss iS noT allowEd to switCh on The ELectRicty lErs.. bec0s of the dunno wad dEfencE agAin..wAh piAng..dEn yEe piNn go oN the fAn secretLy.mUah4haHaa.. dEn i fEelin vEhhiEe coLd coLd.. ha|s.. =s afTEr sCh g0 h0me pOmpOm dEn mEet liyAn,kExin,huAnxi aNd kAman.. dEn aftEr dat go mEet apPle loRhs.. h3heEhEe..kNn..dat chArboh tuA uS g0 orchArd..pCb. -.-" tua mie.. duN lEt mE n0e whU is shE.. hurHurs.. den mE,kAman and aPPle walKin OrchArd to pS dAt time.. machiAm sia0 charboh. thRee oF uS hoLd hAnd dEn walK walK walk.. sing soNg loUd louD.. hAha.. damNn fuNni aNd haPPi loRhs..reaLli quiTee a hapPi daE.. toOk piCs wiF kAman aNd apPlle woRr.. untiL 10 lidat. juSt reAch h0me.. m0i la0gong c0r mie aNd toLd me he noRt feElin welL.ha|s..feElin like cryin lia0s.. i realLi vEry woRried foR him.. ha|s.. ='[ i realLi wiSh i'M by hiS side.. f0rgetTt it.. n0 mOOd le.. tmL dEn updatE le.. *la0g0ng,i luV u loTs..wiLl be wAitin foR u.. *mUacKks*

Posted at 16.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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Sunday, February 15, 2004
`.+[[ s4dsad ]]+.`

ha|s.. yEsterdaE nEbEr go h0me c0s valEntinEs daE mAhs.. spEnd the da3 wiF Moi la0gong loRhs. At 1st meEt hiM 4+ de..c0s hE got somethIng on..dEn nebErmMind.i g0 out wiF chErLle aNd siEwkEe 1st.. mE wANna g0 bUy clotHing.. reAch dh0by ghUat, g0 THis faShi0n a whIle to fiNd skIRt. bOuGht onE skiRt lorh..15 dollaRs.. -.-" aftEr dAt we g0 walK walK arNd at aRcadE dEN g0 bUgis lia0s.. saw lina dEy alL loRhs.. In thE eNd,mOi la0gong saE he 6+ deN wiLl reAch.. wAh piAng! f0rget it.. sincE it's valEntine's daE i duN wannA argue wif him..i juST saE okAys. dEre's aloT of PPl at arcade den chErLle aNd siEwkEe neber pLay parA lorhs.. i habEn fiNd the clothEs i wAn.. s0 i aSk dEM pEi mi3 go The Edge. After walKin 2 rOunds oF the shOps aRnd dEre,i finaLLi go BUy PuRe miLk shiRt.. 24.90 doLlaRs g0ne agAin.. whAHaha.. mE suCh a spEndthift s|a.. ka0s.. fr0m t0daE 0nwArds muST savE monEy lia0s.. aftEr bUyin,i go chANge loRhs.. dEn the shirt i weArin giB siewkEe.. she lOoks nicE in it lEr..c0s shE g0t figuRe unLike me.. ='[  wEnt bAck arcadE agAin saW kEndes..tMd damNnn swAY mAn.. Fuck ~ =x chErlLe saE wAn go Ps to pLay pAra.. s0 i anithin loRhs.. hAha.. walK here waLk dEre.. ha|s.. dEy pLay lia0s.. saW fu kiAng ,alAn koR,derEk aNd lawrencE wiF bo gEh s0h.=x dEn so qiA0 agAin,saW cynthiA loRhs.. shE chi0 chi0 lEr.. g0t stEad suMmore. untiL 7 lidAT,mOi la0gong stiLL habEn reAch.i kAn dulAn lia0s..aNd dEn mUa m0od chaNge le lors.. c0s siewkEe go homE confiRm wiLl kanNa scoLdin lia0s.. dUi bu qi siewkEe. =D~  7.30 lidat he dEN reAch ler!! hE pAss mi3 a smalL piglEt lo.. hais.. aftEr sEein hiM reAchh,i as0 nort angRy le.buT mOi lEg damN pAin.. *s0bs*s0bs*iN thE end,jArr0d wiF seRene, kev wiF xin yu,ader wiF wei Li,sh3r wif her stEad,jiMmy aNd mOi la0gong de god jie. g0 Ms dEre.. kTv loRHs.. actualLi i cann0rt go in de BUt in thE eNd,as0 cAN g0 in lahs.. =x at dEre untiL 3 lidAt dEn we g0 jiMmy hsE le.. ha|s.. dEn at his hsE.. sad~ dUn t0k abOut it lia0s..
*la0gong,tml wiLl be oUr 2mth aNnivErsaRy togethEr le.. i duN wiSh to sEe anIthin happEn to u aNd juSt wANna saE i luV u lots. *muacks* pRomisE mie t0 takE gooD caRe oF uRself..mie realLi vEhhieE woRried ab0ut u loRhs.. *

Posted at 15.2.04 by -++BaBywAwA`++-
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